Bad Actor combines raw energy and atmospheric soundscapes


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Singer, songwriter and producer Bad Actor has released his raw and atmospheric new single ‘Panther (Searching for Love)’. His mix of emotive and extremely powerful rock and pop have come together to create something gripping and anthemic.

Bad Actor has had a diverse upbringing in Brazil, India, the UK and Germany and that reflects in his music. Studying at university in Brighton, he put those musical influences into practice. Atmospheric Indian music, percussive music from Brazil, and dance music from Germany and the UK are key in his development of songwriting and production.

A raw and atmospheric bedroom anthem turning the by-passer into an observant listener. Bad Actor’s storytelling is set in a powerful context layering his vocals with gripping vocoders that drift over the fairly pushy, yet down tempo track. The song has its stops and turns, ending in an almost hypnotic loop, it maybe feels that it ends too soon.

Talking about his upbringing, he said: “My first most vivid musical memory was seeing Ravi Shankar play in Mumbai when I was about six-years-old, in between sets, my dad got me to go on stage to play the tabla. That is kind of where it all started.

“For years I’ve been hiding away in a basement, sculpting my sound to where I want it, it’s about time to get it out now.”