AVNT GARDS drop debut EP ‘I Didn’t Branch Out Into Horror Until Much Later On’

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One of the newest rock bands out of Leicester, AVNT GARDS release their debut EP ‘I Didn’t Branch Out Into Horror Until Much Later On’.

Comprised of Cairen Dheensa (Guitar, Vocals), Rashik Aryal (Lead guitar), Alex Jarrett (Bass, Vocals) and Tom O’Callaghan (Drums, Vocals) the band’s debut single ‘Run & Hide’ is what originally got our senses tingling for this band. Now the new EP and single has just solidified my stance.

The indie quartet already released three singles packed with electrifying riffs and punchy 90s rock, and now add ‘Daydream’ adds to the bill which will rekindle your lust for spine-tingling rhythms and enigmatic melodies. The single shows sides of psychedelia and an energising, yet carefree drumming attitude.

For me, the stand out track is ‘Grit Your Teeth’. It has all the makings for a big radio hit from the punchy intro to the soulful vocals. AVNT GARDS are defying the sub-genre box. They continue to innovate lurching bravely from indie and rock staples into experimental alternative compositions and post-Brit Pop crowd pleasers.

AVNT GARDS are looking for your votes to perform at this year’s Isle of Wight Festival! To place your vote follow this link: hotvox.co.uk

The boys will also be playing a hometown show at The Cookie for This Feeling. They join the line up with Leic, Sugarthief, Gazelle and Luna Rosa. Listen to the EP in full below.


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