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Hottest gigs this week - Yonaka

Some bands stick to one style, one vein, it’s easy to pinpoint their inspirations and they could be said to be predictable. Yet we have a group this week who seem like their inspirations are all over the place and yet manage to nail a cohesive individual sound. Yonaka are Brighton’s latest indie rockers who are killing it and killing it quickly.

There’s so much pent-up energy in their songs, you can practically feel the energy emanating from the music. From vibes of metal in their song ‘Ignorance’ to more hip-hop stylings in ‘Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya’ Yonaka are doing something right and honestly I don’t think there’s a word for what ‘it’ is.

The group are self-described as Dark Alt Pop which could well be my new favourite genre. Not only is it genre-defying and catchy as hell with their heavy intense riffs, but their songs all feel somewhat relatable. ‘Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya’, their most recent release, is all directed to someone you despise from betrayal or having been abandoned. It was however specifically written about lead Theresa’s father.

Their live shows are nothing short of incredible, I’ve heard countless messy and brilliant stories, most involving a crowd surf of some kind or a stage dive. These will certainly be ones I’ll be watching closely and trying to see as soon as possible.


Theresa Jarvis – Vocals
George Edwards – Guitar
Alex Crosby – Bass/Keyboard
Robert Mason – Drums

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