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Something that I feel is only really noticed if you’re looking for it is charm in a band. Obviously, a lot of artists have a certain charming air about them but its rare that this is actually noticeable. This week’s artist spotlight are Irish Trio Whenyoung.

Whenyoung really do posess this charm. Within seconds of listening to their bright indie rock track ‘Pretty Pure’ I noticed said charm and was absolutely smitten. Sitting on five tracks (and a cover of Fairytale of New York) released, Whenyoung are making huge waves for a band with a relatively small discography. The band have already shown a beautiful range in their style.

‘Pretty Pure’ is an upbeat indie rock banger with a sunny disposition, it’s got a raw edge to it that gives a really relatable feel to the band as well as allowing you to feel closer to the music. Then with almost a 180 degree jump, in comes ‘Pretty Pure’s’ B-side ‘The Collector’. ‘The Collector’ has a mellow sombre tone, with notes of acts like Daughter and Wolf Alice dropped in, this is a track that goes from it’s minor beginnings to so much emotion by the chorus that its impossible not to fall in love with it.

The trio have also been working with Felix White’s Yala! Records, with some recording at their studio The Drugstore. Their connections don’t end there. The band played a party for Shane McGowan of The Pogues, where they met various celebs including Bono. Their tours with bands like Dream Wife, Declan McKenna, and most recently Peace have catapulted them to the forefront of the indie scene.

The group embark on their own tour soon.


Aoife Power – Vocals/Bass
Niall Burns – Guitar/BVs
Andrew Flood – Drums

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