Artist Spotlight: The Surrenders

The Surrenders

This is something we’ve been sorely missing. I wish that’s all I could say about The Surrenders. However, I do have to actually write something about them.

Do you like incredible classic rock style music? I’m talking Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Who. You’re gonna love this band. The Surrenders are the West Midlands based four-piece bringing classic rock to the indie scene in a big way.

Their music is completely on point with this style, 60/70s psychedelic blues rock with perfect precision. Like how The Brian Jonestown Massacre were straight out of that era in their heyday, The Surrenders feel the same. Their EP ‘The Surrenders’ has been on repeat constantly since seeing them at This Feeling’s Big in 2018 show. No single song can be picked out because they’re all just incredible.

Watching them play live is an experience and I haven’t seen a lead guitar player this good in a long time, and a lead singer who is an absolutely incredible performer. I spoke to them briefly and they laughed about it not being anything necessarily new, but thats not a bad thing at all.

All I can say is just listen to them. These guys have the potential to be huge. Just wait.


Connor Brooks
Richard Jones
James Williams
Scott Flavell

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