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Something being slowly reintroduced to the music industry is dark pop. A subgenere of pop that blends some incredible elements of indie rock and grunge and sees the likes of Black Honey, Lana Del Rey, and even acts like Mazzy Star under the genre. This week’s artist spotlight are bringing their dark pop vibes to the indie scene under the name Lock.

Lock are the all-girl trio cutting into the scene like a hot knife. Sisters Gita and Edie Langley join Gabi Woo to form this absolute powerhouse of an act. If you don’t know their dark pop style, their self-description of “brooding jagged pop” and current catalogue should give you plenty to get interested and eventually fall in love.

Their track ‘Hey Compardre’ is a fully fuelled explosion of a song. Jumping straight in with powerful drums and clawing guitar riffs before their full force chorus that leaves you singing the lyrics after the first listen. It’s as though Girls Aloud suddenly fused with Hey Charlie and were told to write music for the St Trinians movies. The undeniable confidence this song fills you with, similarly to their other tracks, is incredible. This contrasts almost entirely with their track ‘New York vs Paris’.

Despite it’s contrast, the slower and melodic style works incredibly with the trio’s other work. Their style is so individual while hitting the exact right elements of their influences. ‘New York vs Paris’ is a far more sultry and emotional song. It feels almost psychedelic with its airy guitars and group vocals.

Their live sets are apparently some of the most entertaining and energetic shows around and word has travelled fast. See Lock, they’re going to blow up soon.

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