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There’s been a recent surge of singer-songwriters in the indie scene. From acts like Jerry Williams to Raffer, there are so many variations in the genre and it’s really refreshing to see it. This week’s Artist Spotlight looks at Isle of Wight based Lauran Hibberd.

Lauran Hibberd brings a beautiful nostalgic taste to the modern indie scene. There’s a reminiscence of acts like Lily Allen, Kate Nash, and Lisa Mitchell in not only her voice but her style. Yet being engrossed in our modern world Hibberd’s music is not by any stretch a carbon copy of these acts.

The upbeat vibes that explode from her music make you feel like you could dance around in your room non-stop. Her latest track ‘Fun Like This’ boasts a more brash and slightly grungy tone to her style which is totally welcome and sees Hibberd fully fledging into her own style.

It tells of her attendance to a house party she hated and realised: “I don’t wanna have fun like this” something a lot of people can relate to especially towards the very end of your teenage years and early 20s.

I had the opportunity to see her perform supporting Jerry Williams in Southampton’s Heartbreakers. I couldn’t recommend seeing her more, there’s so much fun to be had seen on that stage and you can see the love of the music in her eyes.


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