Artist Spotlight: Kagoule


Three-piece bands are entirely underrated. They range from beautiful simplicity to a delicate intricacy that shows polish and extreme talent. I saw Kagoule supporting Drenge recently, two bands who are both three-pieces. While Drenge started as a duo, moved to a trio, and now seemingly a four-piece, Kagoule are sticking as a trio and come under the beautifully intricate style. That’s why Kagoule are this week’s Artist Spotlight.

When I talk of a delicate intricacy, this doesn’t necessarily mean slower, boring, or even just a good lead riff over static bass and drums. In fact the opposite can be said for Kagoule. Their grungy post-punk vibes give off a raw power that is so incredible and admirable. Weaving through fuzzy yet nimble bass riffs, tight and talented guitar play, and stunningly paced and varied drums to tie it all together.

The trio have been going for some time now and deserve ten times more attention than they’re getting. The band released their debut album “Urth” back in 2015 and currently sit on a total of eight singles ranging from pre-album to their most recent release “Bad Saliva”. They seem to have amassed a cult following but have the potential to hold more than just that underground side. While “Urth” definitely showed the band’s grungy side, the latest singles have all shown a talent to progress and change their sound to this post-punk style while still producing top quality music and remaining true to themselves.


Cai: Guitar/Vocals
Lucy: Bass/Vocals
Lawrence: Drums

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