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For a while I’ve noticed, as I’m sure many people have, that British and American indie rock is quite different. There’s a lot of similarities sure but something about American indie that is inherently different to our side and this week’s Artist Spotlight have helped me figure that out.

Bully are the Nashville born group helping bring proper 90s grunge/indie back. You can just imagine the flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and doc martens at their shows. Bully can be computed the likes of Great Grandpa, Sunflower Bean, and even Cherry Glazer.

The powerful vocals blast over grunge ridden bass riffs and power chords to match. However this difference between American and British indie still bugged me and Bully’s slightly sunny disposition has helped me see the full picture. While you could relate Bully to bands like Kagoule, Whenyoung, and Wolf Alice over this side of the pond, there’s a far more upbeat “things are going to be fine” vibe from them that works in their favour and has kept me coming back to listen over and over again.

The group recently embarked on their European tour which saw them by a couple UK dates as well as various other countries. With a huge amount of shows over the summer around the world Bully are definitely a band you’re going to want to see and easily have the chance.


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