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Names of bands are frequently something I admire. Whether they’re ridiculous like King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, or if they’re just good like Wolf Alice. So when I open my emails to see a band named Bitch Falcon obviously it piqued my interest. Bitch Falcon are this week’s Artist Spotlight.

Names are of course somewhat important, but names only get you so far, it’s the truly incredible music pouring out from Bitch Falcon that we’re most interested in. Bitch Falcon are the truly explosive trio from Dublin making huge crashing waves. There’s nothing difficult to understand about Bitch Falcon, their music isn’t some crazy blend of genres, its just really good rock music and something often missing from almost every other sub-genre of rock.

The band’s latest single ‘Prime Number’ is an explosive powerhouse of stomping bass riffs, electrifying guitars, and all-encompassing drums. With the vocals kicking in you realise the siren-esque voice is what’s really tying everything together. Their sound is so incredibly refined and beautifully shown through ‘Prime Number’, accompanied by a somewhat silly but very artistic video. Talking about ‘Prime Number’ lead singer Lizzie Fitzpatrick says: “It’s basically an apology song, for people close to me for being too self-obsessed and narcissistic to the point of pushing them away. It’s a nod to myself trying too hard to be cool and I’m probably better off just being plain ole me.”

Other tracks from the band like ‘TMJ’ and ‘Wolfstooth’ are just further setting this bands skill as top-tier rock musicians in stone. Bitch Falcon’s music swallows you whole and spits you out and stays with you forever. Get it on repeat because it will stay there.

Their live shows are nothing short of mesmerising, having supported the likes of Pussy Riot and now on a UK tour with Haggard Cat, Drones, and In technicolour, the shows have been described as “one of Ireland’s most engaging live prospects”.


Lizzie Fitzpatrick
Nigel Kenny
Barry O’Sullivan


  • incredibly refined
  • catchy
  • refreshing reinvention of classic rock


  • The refined nature can come across as too 'one note'


Their sensational reinvention of traditional rock is something much needed and not seen enough. It's beautifully refined and the band truly understand themselves. However experimenting with sound can be good, so perhaps we'll see some more experimentation soon.

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