Are there too many music blogs?

music blogs

In this day and age, anyone can start a blog. It’s as simple as signing up to Facebook or Twitter. Pick a template, give it a name and post. There are tens and hundreds of music blogs, websites and zines that are all competing to be the best and live up to the likes of NME, DORK and DIY. I’ve decided to ask the difficult question – Are there too many?

There’s definitely a certain stigma around starting a music blog. How can you review something that is heard differently by so many? Music is such a universal format. Why would anybody care about your random opinion? All of these questions are irrelevant and quite frankly rude.

Music blogs and websites should be celebrated. Somebody is spending countless hours writing about bands that they love, speaking with idols, paying money to go to gigs that they might not be able to afford the ticket price/travel for. It’s a commitment – not a hobby.

There is absolutely no community for music bloggers and journalists. Of course, there’s always a competitive edge in this industry. We all want to be the best. We want the most views and we want the dedicated readers.

I would be a liar if I said that I didn’t want to be a full-time Editor for ICM on a wage. That’s a bloody dream come true. But money always seems to have a way of sucking the magic out of things. I watched Supersonic recently. That Oasis film. Quality – I loved it. There was a really prominent part where Liam and Noel started going on about how the commercialisation of Oasis had ruined the fun of it all. And then it hit me. I’d be more than happy to be an ICM Editor without a wage because I adore what I do.

Come on guys. The reason why we write about music is because we LOVE it. Is there a better feeling in the world than turning up to a gig, guest list sorted, having a great time with your plus one, drinking, meeting the bands you love, making friends within the industry? The answer is no. The thrill and rush that we get; you know what I mean, that little bit of anxiety before you meet a band that gets you so pumped; having a chat with management after the show and sorting out an interview; the first time you land press tickets for a big name? It’s almost surreal.

Now to answer the question at hand. Are there too many music blogs? Probably. But where would up and coming bands be without us? Where would grassroots venues be without us writing about the shows they put on? Where would PR companies be without us replying to their countless emails?

We are just as important as any and all in this crazy industry and I am proud to be just another music blogger trying to make his way in life – writing about the bands that I love and making friends along the way.

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