An introduction to Little Brother Eli

Little Brother Eli

Little Brother Eli is a band from London with an unmistakably indie sound, so as you’d expect we’ve been all over this since we first heard their new track ‘Our Kind of Love’. After seeing just how much energy this band seems to have in their dynamic vocals and quirky video, we just had to interview them to find out how they tick.

Tell us about your aims when creating music, and where does that aim stem from?

Me (josh) and Alex started the band back in 2013 – our aim back then was to make music like some of our heroes: Jack White, Led Zeppelin, The Black Keys ect. But as the band has progressed and had a few line up changes we’ve really developed our own unique sounds. At the moment we’re just focusing on coming up with something original and new.

Were you very influential to music when growing up or did you establish your own musical preferences?

I think every kid is – back when we were young we didn’t have as much access to music, there was no Spotify – so you had your favourite CD and you listened to it over and over again. We all come from households where there where was music on a well.

Tell us about what it was like when you first started writing?

Song-writing is really a craft you work at – when we started anything goes. Some of our older songs are jumbled structurally, but perhaps more creative because you feel less confined by the rules. However, I think we’re much better at writing a good tune these days.

What’s the music scene like in Oxford at the moment? Any band recommendations?

Oxford is an amazing place to be playing music. The more you put into the scene the more you get out of it! Check out Willie J Healey who’s rocking it at the moment.

How have your recent gigs been received, are there any coming up?

We put on a bi-monthly night called ‘Eli Nights’ at The Monarch in Camden – they’re always great fun and we’re building up quite a following. We had Waiting For Smith performing at the last one.

What and who influences you musically?

Nowadays we collectively listen to everything from Hip-hop to rock to disco. We try and incorporate it all into our music -sometimes it’s a challenge.

Although you are in a band, do you still have to work day jobs in-between live shows?

Yeah absolutely! Last year we did over 100 shows and it’s tough when you’ve got to get up and go to work the next day – we’ve scaled back a bit on the gigging and now we’re doing a lot more writing.


Little Brother Eli has their latest new track released today, it’s one of the most interesting tracks I’ve heard in recent times. The indie vocals, match up with a great melody to create a playful track with power.

Have a listen to ‘Our Kind of Love’ here


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