Étoimoi – The Ambient Electronic-Pop Spanish Duo


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Spanish duo Étoimoi share their debut album ‘Growth’ with other artists in a vocal collaboration.

The newest single, ‘Learning The Clock’ features Brighton-based singer-songwriter Helen Brown (Dog in the Snow). Other singles include vocals from Johanna Amelie, David Monleón, Edyta Górecka, Handjerks and Tango With Lions.

All of the lyrics are inspired by drunk WhatsApp excerpts from conversations after a two-year-old catastrophic breakup.

Étoimoi mix ironically gloomy textures with undecided harmonies, only to conclude with one oniric leap where somebody screams away into irrelevance.

The music video – by Jessica Chautems and Morgane Frund (Lausanne, Switzerland) – features – a girl walking in the picturesque Swiss forests. She holds an origami ship that she will later sink gently into a lake in a gesture that seems to be drawn from Jorge Manrique’s poetry.

She plays the role of the overarching voice telling all floating things they will soon or later drown, just as Manrique’s relentlessly unequivocal reminder that all rivers end up in the sea.