Alt rockers Chavez Cartel create growling rock anthems


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Gold Coast alt rockers Chavez Cartel are hot on the discovery list following the release of their sophomore EP ‘Confidence Is All I’m Taking Home’.

The Australian quintet, have been racking up the chart hits; with three making the top 10 down under and made BBC Radio airplay. Chavez Cartel wears their hearts on their sleeves with this EP, expressing genuine emotion on each track.

Confidence Is All I’m Taking Home is an assertive representation of the Chavez Cartel spirit of self-belief and persistence to overcome obstacles, doubts and negative criticism; pushing themselves beyond their limits to continue evolving as individuals and collectively as a band.

The title of the EP derives from lyrics of the first track ‘Scum and Fears’; “Confidence is all I’m taking home. Hard-earned like ya fathers gold. I’d pay for pain but you bring so much for free”. The band say that to grow you must accept who you are, flaws and all; embrace every opportunity you’re given, make mistakes to learn harsh lessons and become a better version of yourself. It’s a growling rock anthem with electrifying riffs and bellowing vocals.

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Next track ‘Different Underneath’ has a darker tone to the overall sound packed with venom about a battle between doubt and self-belief wrestling it out for pole position. Overall it’s an encouragement to stop doubting yourself, bite the bullet and pursue your aspirations with confidence.

‘For Better Or Worse’ and ‘See You Again’ (Acoustic) lower the tone of the EP with a love song and a dark and gothic take on relationships that touch on the heart and soul strings. Chavez Cartel are proud of their achievement to bridge gaps this year despite some knock-backs. They have proven to themselves that self-confidence is paramount to achieve success and to celebrate all wins in the right direction, positive progress is key.

Have a listen to the EP below and give Chavez Cartel an ICM Rating out of 10.