Alice Temple – A Familiar Face Once Again


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Nearly thirty years after the release of ’24 Years of Hunger’, Alice Temple makes her triumphant return to music with her new album ‘The End’.

In 1990 Alice and Eg White formed Eg & Alice and produced their only album in 1991. Allmusic described it as “one of the finest, most refined and fully realized recordings of the era”. But although it was critically acclaimed, it failed to chart in the UK.

A Londoner by birth, Alice Temple has done and been a variety of things in her life. She is notable for having been the first female UK and European BMX champion, was an ’80’s club kid staple alongside Boy George and London’s Blitz Kids, a top fashion model shot by the world’s finest such as Mario Testino and Bruce Weber and of course, an acclaimed musician.

But now back into her music, Alice Temple delivers a searing new set of self-produced and performed, soul-baring indie pop tracks, all with her venerable, take-no-prisoners bite. For the trainspotters and fans, the album also includes a couple favourite selections from Alice’s previous self-released full length, ‘Be With You In A Minute’ which is long out of print and no longer available.

“The concept for making The End was simple,” explains Alice. “Just me in my bedroom writing songs about how I was feeling at the moment. That goes for the style of each song as well. It’s all about moods and feelings. The overall sound of the album is eclectic; home-made; heartfelt.”