Abraham has honed his indie pop songwriting on debut single


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Timeless musician Abraham has honed in on his songwriting and released the track ‘Stay with Me’, which narrates the struggle between risking a relationship with uncertain future plans and dreams.

Abraham has previously had a successful career as both a full-time musician as well as a session guitarist, touring internationally with the likes of Taylor Swift, Willy Nelson, Better than Ezra and more.

‘Stay with Me’ is a building track that delivers with Abraham’s smooth yet rich vocals and a soundscape that compliments it perfectly. The track is cutting-edge with its raw lyrical power but also conveys the sensitivities of Abraham’s lyrics and the narrative of the single.

Abraham’s experience within music has led to his position as a talented and provoking musician and has undoubtedly delivered with ‘Stay with Me’.

You can listen to the track down below and rate it out of 10.