Aaron Taos – sleek and sexy indie pop-rock


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Brooklyn-based artist Aaron Taos is ready to seize his own parcel of the indie pop-rock landscape as he releases his sophomore EP ‘Night Thoughts’.

The self-taught artist has turned his bedroom into a full-blown studio project with bolder sounds and bigger productions.

The seven-track EP includes Taos’ single ‘Voodoo’, which he has produced a stripped back version of. The single is part of the journey that Taos has travelled along. With a stagnating personal life with his girlfriend hitting a rough patch, Taos found a way to explore his new sonic growth while simultaneously dealing with a broken heart. Ever self-aware, he determined the best way to progress with both was to capture it all on Night Thoughts.

As a result, Night Thoughts plays through the timeline of a relationship. The sleek, sexy tones of ‘Voodoo’ come to life with the stripped version making each note all that sweeter.

Reflecting on Night Thoughts, Taos said: “This EP, for me, is to conceptualize what I am and what I’ve done, what this time meant to me.

“It’s me retrospectively making sense of my life at that time personally and musically.”

featured image by Dave Krugman

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