Aaron Taos grows stronger with new cut ‘Bloom’

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Ploughing through the releases is Brooklyn-based artist Aaron Taos who has released new single ‘Bloom’.

The self-taught musician released his sophomore album ‘Birthday Boy’ and this is the freshest cut from the New Yorker. His own parcel of the indie pop-rock landscape is flourishing since the release of ‘Voodoo’ last year.

‘Bloom’ is a track about Aaron having a crush on his friend’s sister. It’s got the whole forbidden fruit vibe where they both have feelings for each other but are unable to act on them given the context.

The song is my confession about this underlying tension and making the case to this person that we should give in to our feelings. It’s the fantasy of letting our love blossom – a natural progression like the spring flowers in bloom.


  • Cool chilled-out guitars
  • Powerful rhythm


Aaron Taos has grown into a bold musician with powerful rhythms, soulful lyrics and catchy melodies.

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