5 Music Videos That Will Blow Your Mind

5 Music Videos That Will Blow Your Mind

Musicians are a creative bunch, so when they come to make music videos they can create amazing pieces of film. More specifically, Bastille’s Dan Smith and Lana Del Rey both have a large interest in creating films. Below are some of the most amazing and mind-blowing music videos out there, these are no passive videos, they will have you thinking and creating theories while watching.

  1. Sivu – Better Man Than He

This Music video was filmed inside an MRI scanner while Sivu sung one of his most popular songs, ‘Better Man Than He’.

Sivu contacted a couple of scientists at St Barts Hospital in London, luckily the previous year they had developed moving MRI recordings for research to learn more about cleft palate speech.

The video shows a cutaway of Sivu’s head; it’s fascinating to watch how the tongue and vocal system works while singing. The video has even gained recognition from some medical professionals.

Some try to find out what goes on in a musician’s head, but Sivu takes this to a whole new dimension.



  1. Alt-J – Breezeblocks

There could be many messages taken out of this video, one could be “don’t judge a book by its cover”. The video is played backwards, starting with a female lying lifeless in a bath, suggesting suicide, but next we see her killer; who is assumed to be the villain. But when you watch it forward you get a very different point of view.



Now watch it forwards and you see that the man and the woman who is tied up have matching wedding rings – leading you to feel a little less sorry for the woman in the bath. The video ends on a cliffhanger, leading to loads of theories flying about. These include the intruder possibly being a crazy ex-lover that is struggling to let go, tieing into the lyrics “ But please don’t go, I love you so”.

  1. Hozier – Take Me To Church

You probably would have heard this song before as it came 2nd in the UK top 40, but you may not have seen the accompanying music video. Hozier created the song in frustration towards communities that are against homosexuality. The example he gives is the Catholic Church and the way that they teach people about relationships, but his message spreads across the world.

The music video is filmed in Ireland, yet set in Russia and shows a group of lynchers chasing after a gay couple. The video took Hozier from being a pub singer, to getting 10,000 views an hour when it was first released.


  1. Royal Blood – Figure It Out

The camera work on this production is amazing, as the video continues the colour turns from red to blue, changing what is visible to the eye. The red lens masks blood making some of the characters look innocent, until the colour changes to blue. This plays on your perceptions, leaving you to ‘Figure It Out’.



  1. Foster The People – Best Friends

Today’s idea of perfection is one that that has been tainted by the media. This production follows a woman that has been influenced by what she sees in fashion magazines, causing her to mutate her body and go way over the top. We think she was a pretty good looking chick in the first place.

The video is pretty psychedelic, using different techniques throughout, including cartoons – It’s all pretty weird.

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