5 Albums this decade that are better than AM

5 Albums this decade that are better than AM

I’ve lived on planet earth for 19 years and I’m pretty much done with the whole living thing as it comes. Being alive is pretty overrated anyway…More to the point. I’ve seen and heard some pretty terrible shit in my time. I’ve lived through a crippling recession, watch an illegal war take place and seen Donald Trump become a contender for the United States presidency. But. However. It’s come to my attention that in recent weeks, a particular magazine that I read growing up has slowly turned its back on its readers and decided to shit pile a huge amount of clickbait, arse-licking that as an avid reader of said magazine/website, doesn’t really float my boat. I like Arctic Monkeys. I will even go as far as to say I like Alex Turner as a person. But. I don’t rate AM far enough to call it ‘Album of the Decade’. That’s 10 years of music. That’s a lot of music. Here’s a little list I whipped up of some of the albums I believe are as good, If not better, than Arctic Monkeys most recent release ‘AM’.


SLAVES: Are you Satisfied? 

SLAVES unprecedentedly furious and politically fuelled response to the current state of the world was exactly what this generation needed. The duo from Kent brought an attitude that stank to high heaven with catchy riffs and lyrics that make your heart beat out of your chest. It didn’t have to be perfectly vocal. They could have played the whole album on a toy xylophone and a cardboard cut out of Terry Wogan and still would have had the same phenomenal response. These guys are talent.


Alt – J: An Awesome Wave

Alt-j’s first album was a reminder to the mainstream that alternative music is alive and well and in the form of four lads from Leeds. An Awesome Wave is a combination of melodic interludes with a tapestry of vocal exploration and beautiful singalongs such as Matilda and Breezeblocks. Are you even indie if you don’t know the words to Matilda?


Frank Ocean: Channel Orange

Frank Ocean put himself on the map when he came out as Bisexual and then released his debut album channel ORANGE. A mixture of brazenly episodic slow-jam R&B, shifting to a hallucinatory ambience to synthesised funk was the perfect remedy to a recipe of success for Frank. We are all waiting for the new album though dude. Where is it?


Tame Impala: Lonerism

Tame’s second studio album ‘Lonerism’ had to make the cut. The album which was practically written and performed entirely by Kevin Parker was a psychedelic statement in 2012; gaining various awards for bes
rock album of the year and hitting number 4 in the Australian charts. Lonerism builds on the psychedelic sound of its predecessor by featuring fewer guitars and more synthesizers and samples which has paved the way for its current sound and style.

Kendrick Lamar: good kid M.A.A.D city

Good Kid was and still is Kendrick’s best album by a long shot. A complete rollercoaster of emotions; a poetic story of learning about oneself; not knowing who you are as a person or artist. Kendrick laid all bare is his most self-expressive work yet which rivals any and all rap albums that have had its tenure in the last ten years. To Pimp a Butterfly get an honorable mention, of course.



Adele: 21

And last but not least, we co
me to Adele. You didn’t think I was going to miss her out, did you? At the age of 21, Adele had already became in international star with a number one song and worldwide recognition for her album 19. 21 tore our soul to shreds with the exposure of Adele’s heartache, the troubles of love and the pain she felt losing her soul mate. 21 turned Adele into a superstar and paved the way for her James Bond single, turning her into the much-loved songstress and incredible songwriter she has become today.


At the end of the day, when all is said and done, this is an opinion piece. everyone hears music and connects with it differently and all that business. Please leave your suggestions in the comments below. I could do this all day but its way too hot. *insert flame emoji*

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