2018 Ones To Watch #8 – Shame


Punk has made a huge resurgence in the British Indie Scene in recent years. Specifically the last two years or so, due in part to a politically active youth and a government who doesn’t know what they’re doing. There’s a small handful that I’d put at the top; Slaves, LICE, and even Blackwaters. Yet none more so that our youthful princes of punk, Shame.

Shame exploded into our lives with double A-Side ‘Gold Hole’ / ‘The Lick’. These two tracks were not only something beautiful but something different and it absolutely cemented Shame into our hearts.

‘Gold Hole’ is a powerhouse of punk, a repeating, catchy, fuzzed out guitar/bass riff hooks you quickly. Then comes the lyrics which is where Shame really come into their own. ‘You got a gold hole sugar, it makes me feel like I am rich…it makes me feel like you’re my bitch’. Rife with social commentary Shame instantly grabbed me.

‘The Lick’ is something entirely different but still within their punky vibes. With ones of the most simple but catchiest bass riffs out there and a spoken word style set of lyrics, ‘The Lick’ became one of my favourite songs instantly. Calling out NME for being a bit shit, and the masses succumbing to their whim is so enjoyable to hear. Ending on ‘Bathe me in blood and call it a christening’ to finalise one of the best songs around.

Not enough social commentary for you? Not punk enough? ‘Visa Vulture’ is a direct attack against Theresa May in a light airy style.

With recent releases of ‘One Rizla’ and ‘Concrete’ as well as a looming debut album Songs Of Praise out January 12th, Shame are easily going to be one of the biggest bands of 2018.

I had the privilege of seeing them live in Guildford’s The Boileroom. One of the most enjoyable and intense shows, a stage invasion, and so much raucous energy, this group are by far one of my favourite live acts too. If you get a chance to buy the album and see them live I’d entirely recommend it.


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