Discover: The Rare Occasions – Mercy Mercy

The Rare Occasions

Fresh from Los Angeles, The Rare Occasions are bursting on to the scene with a sound that will be familiar to readers, as the vocals have an unmistakably Indie feel to them.

Their new track ‘Mercy Mercy’ is no different as it has those vocals with a song that sounds like it’s going to be a calm ride, but wait for the chorus and the bass chords kick in taking the song to another level.

The band draws inspiration from garage rock, while always putting their own dark spin on their music, with still managing to retain a strong Indie pop feel.

This track gives me hope for the band as they could go on to create great hits, if they nail the melody, strengthen the vocals and refine the lyrics.

On May 25th, the four-piece plan to release their first full-length album, ‘Into The Shallows’. The band will also be touring around the US over the next few months, we just can’t wait will they do the same this side of the pond.

– featured image by Deanna Archetto –

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