Discover: Hide Your Eyes – My Last Regret

Hide Your Eyes

Hide Your Eyes are a dynamic dual vocal 5-piece rock band from the Anglo-Welsh border city of Hereford.

Each member of the band stems from a different musical background and style, meaning that the individual contribution each member makes to the writing and performance process directly results in the unique and eclectic Hide Your Eyes sound.

Lewis Armiger (Vocals, Guitar), Steve ‘True Blue’ Goode (Vocals), Dom Edwards (Guitar), Ryan Jordan (Drums, Production), Asa Jordan (Bass) released their debut album, 40 Miles Od Static that showcases their collection of dynamic tunes, catchy choruses and compelling verses, tied together with unbeatable bandmate chemistry.

The fast-paced melodic rap/hard rock song, ‘My Last Regret’ is a perfect example of their unique sound. Goode manages to change the tone of his voice half way through the first verse that I thought it was a different person singing.

Have a listen to ‘My Last Regret’ below;

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