Artist Spotlight: The Black Roses

The Black Roses

A classic burst of authentic, Arctic Monkeys-esque indie rock, this week’s artist spotlight focuses on London four-piece The Black Roses. One of my favourite bands from the city, the group are made up of Anthony, Richard, Mike and Val, and have been around since September 2015.

I met the band for the first time last summer for an interview in Camden’s Hawley Arms, and again a couple weeks ago for their blinding set at Proud as part of Camden Rocks. And what has struck me each time about the band is how humbled and genuine they are; they have a really lovely aura to them, and create a really cool atmospheric sound both live and on record.

The influence of bands like Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, or The Libertines (any classic indie rock band really) is clear through the brilliant authentic sound the group has, yet they don’t lack a unique bold edge regardless. Listening to The Black Roses is almost nostalgic, taking you right back to the vivid indie rock scene of the mid 2000s. And their love for Arctic Monkeys is clear; they often cover Cigarette Smoker Fiona demo Cigarette Smoke, and when I had a drink with them at The Hawley Arms a couple weeks back the barman even put Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not on just for the band! In terms of releases, the band released debut EP Utopia in March, and it’s a stunning EP.

It’s got this sense of classic nostalgia to it, taking you right back to that 2000s indie sound, similar to bands like Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines. Anthony’s vocal is really raw and gritty, and the guitar is loud and raw and really nostalgic sounding. The Black Roses really excite me as a band; not only are they four of the nicest guys I know, but they genuinely have blinding indie rock tracks, blending classic rock’n’roll with that pure mid-2000s indie sound. And as for the band’s name, there’s no deep story behind it or anything; ‘we made it up’ Anthony tells me. The band are really exciting and fresh and cool, something that’s quite rare.

There aren’t many new small bands like them right now, and this is definitely the start of something which could go on to be huge- and that would be something they definitely deserved. I’m hoping to see the band live again as soon as possible, and the re-energising of indie music they’re doing is blinding- you need to get on The Black Roses now.

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