Wychwood Festival Exclusive Interview – The Shimmer Band

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Wychwood Festival Exclusive Interview – The Shimmer Band

It has been 2 weeks since the incredible and diverse Wychwood Festival took place. At the festival we managed to catch up with some incredible bands to discuss some important topics. The Shimmer Band is a prime example of one which can shed some light on to the music industry at it’s current state, reflecting how difficult it is for a band to break out onto the scene and what exactly is the key to success.

So, you’ve been releasing loads of singles, when can we expect an album?

The way we’re doing it, we are putting out singles every couple of months and doing gigs around it, it’s working that way so we are gunna keep doing that for the time being. When the time is right and enough people are bugging us we’ll do it, but at the moment we’re just slowly building.

How important is it for you, as a band to keep up live performances and keep interacting with people?

It’s really important, a big part of what we do is about playing live to people and getting out there and speaking to people. It’s really important and we enjoy coming to all the festivals in the UK. There seems to be a new festival in every city, county and region, so it’s important to get to as many as possible.

As an upcoming band, what is the best way to promote yourself?

I think you’ve got to have a little bit of everything, you’ve got to be confident in playing live, you’ve got to be constantly on social media and you’ve got to constantly be putting music out, because there is so much competition so you’ve got to be firing on all cylinders in every aspect.

What did you think of the line-up of Wychwood festival?

It’s a good lineup, there are loads of bands that we admire like Inheaven, The Buzzcocks and it’s great to be a part of it.

Have you got any more festivals lined-up as The Shimmer Band?

We’ve got loads of festivals coming up, Isle of White is next week, Kendal Calling on the main stage, and Truckfest. The one we aren’t doing, which is our local one, is a little festival called Glastonbury, it’s the only one we’re not doing, which is annoying. We are doing a DJ set there on the Saturday night, which will be good fun, it means we can still go and get messed up enough and have fun.

In recent weeks, loads of musicians have spoken about the general election, so what are your opinion on music and politics?

Music and politics kinda always has overlapped, Bob Dylan did a lot of political stuff and its always been the case, were not outwardly political but, we do promote freedom. Personally, I think music should be above politics, it should speak to people’s hearts and souls, not their brains.

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