Trudy and the Romance share debut album Sandman

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Trudy and the Romance are a Do-Wop, Sham-Rock, 50’s Mutant-Pop extravaganza exercising their twisted rocker-billy debut album ‘Sandman’.

The Liverpudlian three piece falling from the deepest darkest corners of a time-warped 50s space age moon age daydream combine wobbly top end vocals and everything you could love about musics golden ages all rolled into a 5 dollar shake. Stirred and delivered with a sickening taste of rock essentials, their debut album is my a breath of fresh air and easily my favourite record this side of 2019.

You can catch the boys as they perform their debut record across the UK on the following dates:

The Crofters Rights, Bristol, UK

Rough Trade Nottingham, Nottingham, UK

Rough Trade East, London, UK

Heartbreakers, Southampton, UK

Boileroom, Guildford, UK

The Hope & Ruin, Brighton, UK

The Face Bar, Reading, UK

The Face Bar, Reading, UK


Oh Trudy. Speak words of love to me and take me back to a simpler time where rock and roll ruled the radio waves. Trudy and the Romance's debut is a love letter to all. Their shambolic rock antics and sing me a lullaby vocals send me to dreamland and I am here for it

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