New Music Alert: The Van T’s – Fresh Meat

The Van T's

90s fashion, 90s music, and even 90s slang have all been coming back as a trend for a quite a while now. One more than warmly welcomed in the music scene, not just from the revival of 90s bands but new bands taking on a 90s style. The Van T’s (Aka The Van Twins) are no exception to this, allowing us to entirely revel in their 90s fantasy.

The band formed back in 2013 from the twins Chloe and Hannah Van Thompson, since then growing to the four piece they are now and blessing us with their nostalgic yet revitalised sound. For those not familiar with the Glaswegian group, take the early 90s defining genres of grunge and shoegaze, and throw surf punk vibes on top to create a sound that grabs you in, tears you apart, and makes you who you want to be.

Their new track is no exception to this either. ‘Fresh Meat’ draws upon mind filling fuzzy guitar riffs, soul consuming lead lines, raucous drums, and vocals comparable only to that of a punk Siren drawing you in all while drowned in feedback.

It’s reminiscent of bands like The Dandy Warhols and My Bloody Valentine whilst remaining entirely their own sound. I’ve been impressed by so many new bands recently but none quite as such as The Van T’s. ‘Fresh Meat’ only adds to their already ferocious discography and sets in stone the fact that this ‘newcomer’  is going to be here to stay and hopefully we can watch them destroy the indie scene.

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