The Twelve AM bring back classic rock ‘n’ roll


Possessed by rock ‘n’ roll, The Twelve AM top you up with classic electric guitars that pack a high octane adrenaline punch.

The Connecticut trio’s concoction of driving bass, drums, and guitars are exciting, something which you very rarely hear on the radio nowadays. The band’s songs are like fireworks – exploding in rhythm, burning out bright. Raucous guitars and pummeling drums propel a mixture that is equal parts power pop classicism and high-octane attack.

The debut single ‘Heart Beats’ is an unabashed rock n’ roll tune. It’s off the band’s debut album Pretty Noise that was released last week by Red Electric Recordings on January 18, 2019.

Being a new band to the scene, the trio plays with their hearts, which is a defining characteristic of the band. Their upbeat performances and guitar-driven sound calls to mind bands like The Replacements and Gaslight Anthem. Their live shows are always an event, punctuated by a ragged yet energetic performance that bassist Steve Michels says is pure rock ‘n’ roll.

As singer-songwriter, Chris Champagne acknowledges, “I’ve always been drawn to that contrast, that dynamic as a writer. We dress these songs up with big chords and attitude, but they’re pretty naked if you look close.”

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