The Ninth Wave release ‘This Broken Design’ music video

The Ninth Wave

The Ninth Wave have just dropped their music video for their latest music video ‘This Broken Design’.

The Glaswegian duo released the first half of their debut album Infancy in a special 2 part release because why not?

‘The Broken Design’ is the first to be taken off that release which its dark post-punk attitudes shine through on their pop sensibilities and embracing euphoric electronic sounds.

The song is another excellent showpiece of the band’s lyricism and their eighties-infused new wave sound. Sharp, well thought out and effective as usual, the song deals with perplexed feelings, bygones and finding comfort in strangers.

The band said on Facebook: “The first half of our debut album, Infancy, is now yours and that feels very weird to finally say. Thanks to everyone that has been there along the way and thank you to you all for listening to our music and for all of the support that you always give us, our gratitude is eternal.

“We’re so happy that these 6 songs are here and out into the world now but also, sorry for being such teases, you’ll get the other half in November.”

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