The Everglows – ‘Two Minute Hero’

the everglows

The Black Keys? The Kooks? Arctic Monkeys, you ask? Oh, no. Imagine taking all three of these much-adored groups and jumbling their top hits in a pick ‘n’ mix bag and dishing out each track as it comes. That is the closest it comes to giving you readers a flavour of what one of the latest alternative rock groups to come out of East London, The Everglows, have to offer the music industry. This really excites me.

Even whilst writing this, I am questioning the use of that very generic phrase to describe their very combinatory sound. For the Everglows cause fans of psychedelic, underground, brit pop rock and indie music to all rub their hands together in anticipation and expectation.

Formed in 2013, The Everglows are able to captivate the modern rock music audience with their capturing choruses which, although they may seem repetitive and simple, they are undoubtedly a hit with rock fans who want to hear effective variation of chords and meaningful lyrics, thanks to lead guitar and vocalist Andy Smith.

Listening to their track “Two Minute Hero” (also below) reminds me of a mesmerising combination of the Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian. The way the Smith on lead guitar and Steve Perkins on bass work in unison with a down-stroke strumming pattern in the main verse makes it difficult for any listener with an ear for modern indie rock to not bob their head up and down while, (hopefully), remembering the catchy lyrics and ringing them out at the same time!

In short, the Everglow’s sound is one that produces an uplifting vibe that can go from being played through a pair of cans whilst you drift off into a music-inspired slumber, to one that can be amplified on your Bluetooth speaker/surround sound on a hot summer’s day outside for a garden party you hosted to get your guests (who, hopefully, have good taste in music) in the party spirit.

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