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3 bands to look out for in 2016

Check out these bands, we are certain they are going to be the sound of 2016.

LISTEN: The Hunna – We Could Be

Have a listen to The Hunna’s new song, released on new years day.

Five Bands That Need to Make a Comeback

Five of the great naughties bands that need to make another album!

Bastille – Hangin’

It doesn't happen very often, but Bastille have released a new song!

Spotify – Found Them First

Do you believe you are the wizard of new music? Prove it here!

SOTW: Viola Beach – Swings & Waterslides

This weeks song of the week comes from a band that is fresh on the scene from Warrington.

The Ultimate Indie & Alt Playlist #2

This week's Playlist has been released!

EP Review: The Watermelons – Best Of You

The Watermelons new EP is pretty relaxed, listen to the Quartet here.