Swiss Lips announce debut album



March 16th has been announced to be the day that the 5 piece from Manchester finally releases their debut album.

The album will include songs that dedicated fans will already know like U Got The Power, In The Water and Carolyn, as well as new songs like Kid, Honey and Forever.

Swiss Lips have been pleasing their small fan base for a long time with their upbeat electronic sound.

They are now ready to grow with Books, a song they have played live a few times, but have never recorded in a studio, that is until now. On the 23rd of February, before the release of the album, we will finally be able to hear the final version of what could be a top hit.

Popularity of the band grew in 2013 when they supported Bastille on their winter tour. Bastille also remixed U Got The Power adding Dan Smith’s unmistakable vocals and giving it a slower tempo.

It seems that Bastille’s Smith will be one of the first to pre-order the album on the 16th February after commenting on Twitter.

In March 2012 BBC Radio 1 played U Got The Power every day for a week as part of BBC Introducing. The Song was praised by all the presenters as well as many of the stations listeners – Likened to MGMT and Foster The People.

These two events have led U Got The Power to become Swiss Lips’ most popular song, gaining over half a million views on YouTube and also being used by Google in an Android advert.

Swiss Lips is possibly one of the most individual bands you will come across in 2015 their music falls into many different categories; dance, electronic, pop, indie, alternative, to be honest it depends on who you ask. Another thing that makes SL so unique is their rather eccentric mascot, if having a mascot wasn’t strange enough Barrington looks like an ancient pop wizard, but if you watch the DANZ video found on YouTube you will probably fall instantly in love with his dance moves.


Bastille’s Dan Smith with Barrington

Swiss Lips (self-titled) will be released on 16th march with pre-orders starting a month before on the 16th February. Another album with extra tracks will be released later in the year to include popular songs like DANZ.

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