Spotify – Found Them First

Spotify – Found Them First

20150914124010Do you think you are the master of finding new music? Prove it. But just how do you prove it bar blagging that you found Years & Years before anyone else?. Well, Spotify has a solution.
The guys at Spotify have created a website that shows you just what bands you found before anyone else and shows you the exact date that you first streamed them.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 21.06.20You can even see the percentage of people you beat to those golden tunes. We were surprised to find that George (@george_odell97) was in the first 4% of Royal Blood listeners!


So whether you are a casual listener, or someone who is always seeking out the latest talent, you need to use this web site!

Take the test here, then tell us in the comments who you found first!

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