Song Of The Week: Baby Strange – Friend

Baby Strange

Our Song Of The Week section is back in business! Now this time it will be available every Monday.

So to start us off is Baby Strange, an indie rock trio that formed in Glasgow, back in 2012. Johnny Madden, Connaire McCann and Aidan McCann have just released their stunning debut album ‘Want It Need It’, and their popular track Friend is our first SOTW post for our brand new site.

This re-mastered version of Friend is as frantic song, a good drum-driven cut of rough punk-pop. Taking note from their 70s influences they have been infecting our eardrums with powerful guitar rifts and some direct, yet catchy lyrics. Especially in the chorus.

Don’t go to far! The album review will be here soon!

To buy the album visit Baby Strange’s website here!


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