Song Of The Week: Spector – Untitled In D


Spector are back!

Last month London quartet returned with their new single ‘Untitled in D’ following on from their 2015 album Moth Boys.

While previous single ‘Born In The EU‘ created some waves within the referendum in 2016, the boys have since then been couped up in the recording studio to produce a new EP, ‘Ex-Directory’ where this banger will be on.

‘Untitled in D’ sums up Spector down to a T – loud soaring choruses, the indie rockers show their anthemic tunes are lyrically direct whilst the music is eccentric and exciting.

Describing the track, frontman Fred Macpherson said: “Untitled In D’s been burning a hole in Spector’s pocket for a little while now.

“I wrote the bones of it pretty quickly then Jed came through and channelled the ghost of John Frusciante on guitar and we knew we were on to something.

“After the sheen of our first two albums, it was exciting capturing something simple and irreverent – the sound of us playing in a room rather than playing in a computer.”

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