Song Of The Week: Danz – Swiss Lips

Song Of The Week: Danz – Swiss Lips

Sadly, today we have to say goodbye to Swiss Lips as they release their CMm-tS2WwAAt61q
second and final album ‘Overflowing Futures’.

Although ‘Danz’ was released before the debut album was released it was a very popular track – and it comes with one of the best music videos ever!

Frontman, Sam Hammond’s fast paces rhyming lyrics and their fuzzed synth pop created a no f**k given attitude and just play what they thought sounded alright. Behind the roaring keyboard sounds and relentless drum loops their hip pop style made people think “what a cool band”. There’s no denying that their music was amazing, but when plans aren’t getting any further it might be time to try something new.


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