Claiming Neptune – Smooth and groovy rock


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Claiming Neptune return with their smooth and groovy sound with the release of their new self-titled EP.

Forming in 2014 in Austin Texas, the five-piece produced their debut album ‘In Times of Change’. The follow-up EP features a smooth and groovy sound that draws on elements of 70s and 90s rock, mixed with a modern sensibility to create a whole new kind of vibe driven by sultry female vocals, atmospheric guitar work and driving rhythms.

Obsessed with wanting to be the first band in space, Adam says: “Since the beginning of this band, we’ve had sort of a weird preoccupation with all things related to space and aliens. It’s kind of a hobby interest for several of us, especially Derrick, Lisa and I.

“At one point, at our practice spot, we heard some weird stuff coming out of the PA, and we thought it was the aliens. We thought that maybe they had seen the cover of our first album, which features an alien carrying a human that clearly looks like Lisa. We thought maybe they were calling us because they wanted to meet Lisa. But we were wrong. It was somebody’s cell phone interacting with a hot mic…I think. “

Aliens aside, the five songs on Claiming Neptune highlight a cross section of the band’s musical influences. The island rhythms of ‘Lovin’ On You,’ the first single/video to drop from the record, along with ‘Girl Nextdoor’ are clear homages to 90s West Coast acts like Sublime and No Doubt, combining elements of rock and reggae to create something really fun, chill and beach-worthy.

Led by heavy, distorted guitars and booming drums and bass, juxtaposed by Lisa’s smooth and sassy vocals ‘PB&J’ and ‘Higher and Higher’ display the more alternative rock side of the band’s sound, reminiscent of The Cranberries, Alice in Chains and Led Zeppelin.

‘In Time’ sends the band into a more progressive/stoner direction, featuring the actual radio sounds of the planet Neptune, sampled courtesy of NASA’s Voyager space probe. Besides the grandiosity of the universe and of time itself, this song draws inspiration from the early works of ‘70s rock luminaries like Pink Floyd and The Beatles.

Claiming Neptune are Lisa Borjon (vocals), Derrick Yeoman (lead guitar), Robert Jenkins (rhythm guitar), Adam Barone (bass) and Jean Loustaunau (drums).