Royal Blood’s Thunderous Set at Reading

Royal Blood’s Thunderous Set at Reading

NME called it ‘Earth Shattering’, we’re calling it their most ‘aggressive appearance yet’. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you didn’t watch Royal Blood this weekend. Do it. Like. Right now. The dynamic duo went in HARD. Here are the highlights!

Us RB fans all knew what to expect from the pair, who last year played to an overflowing tent. The warning signs came from an air raid siren. No klaxon, horn, siren or gong could of prepared that field for the artillery that was about to be bombarded into the crowds ears. The formidable Mike Kerr began with a heartfelt message for the crowd.

“There’s not a single person in this field who truly understands how insane it is for us to be up here right now,” Mike admits, “there’s a lot of people. I think I just shit myself.” – Source NME

Not only did the band tease the riff from Black Sabbath’s Iron Man, the biggest surprise came in the form of a brand new song.

Royal Blood, as we all know, are a band solely based on their individual sound. There has been some hinge of doubt as to whether they are going to pull off the infamous album number two (in the music industry, the thing that solidifies their legacy) But after their surprise as showcased, any doubt that I had soon flew away into the abyss of other stupid shit I’ve been wrong about.

The new song ‘Hook line and Sinker’ is a yes from me, period. With a combination of Metallica like riffs and a chorus to die for, this new song is a whirlpool combination of everything Royal Blood has to offer and more. From the bluesy in your face Nancy Grace to the thunderous mastermind beats from the unstoppable Ben Thatcher and a little bit of high octaves from Mike; if this is the standard of music that RB is heading for in number two. I don’t think I can wait.

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