Review – DIIV @ Heaven


Brooklyn’s DIIV (pronounced “Dive”) are the latest grungy dream boys that have came knocking on the doors of indie boys alike since the release of their most recent album ‘Is the Is Are’.

Upon my arrival; at what can only be described as an indie drug-induced version of Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley, the beautiful industrial warehouse known as Heaven opened its doors.

After deciding that being physically abused by a barrage of denim and docs in the mosh was a shit idea, i decided to sit back and relax in the VIP lounge on the balcony.

For my first time at this particular of venue, I was taken back by its sheer size and beauty. It was dingy and urban with a fantastic array of heavy fluorescent-like lighting which went hand in hand with the euphoric music I was about to listen too.

What I personally loved about DIIV is how focused they are on their sound. Never have I heard such a loud combination of Shoegaze bliss with grunge catharsis rolled up nicely into a strange Stone Roses knuckle sandwich of tastiness. At the beginning of nearly every song they had to get it right.

They wanted to play the best they could. They wanted to sound the best they possibly could. They even apologised for the backdrop being in slow-mo and I swear nobody actually cared nor noticed. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a moan.

I think it’s incredibly special when bands have that kind of awareness about themselves. It’s so considerate and intimate and I can’t applaud them enough. It takes a good band to play a good show. But it takes a fantastic artists to put on a fantastic show and that is exactly what DIIV achieved!

Thanks lads. Please come back soon!

P.S – Whoever brought that inflatable alien, you are ace!

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