Album Review: Jamie T – Trick

Jamie T

Jamie T is back and hasn’t wasted any time, in creating new album ‘Trick’.

The album opens with ‘Tinfoil Boy’, the heaviest song we’ve heard from the 30 year old to date. Throughout the album, there is clear influences from older and angrier music such as The Clash, evident too in the 9th track ‘Robin Hood’.

However it’s not all different, we’re still treated to Jamie’s signature storytelling vibe with ‘Tescoland’, making you reminisce with nostalgia on a traditional London upbringing, that you probably didn’t even have. Jamie T 'Trick'

In only the way Jamie T can do, he has created a beautiful album that crosses countless genres, yet still had the boyish charm fans fell in love with from the very beginning ‘Panic Prevention’. ‘Trick’ really does have something for everyone, and shows that the boy from Wimbledon who was once rapping to us about underage drinking and taking a crap in your mate’s house, can grow up and yet still preserve that fun spirit in his music that makes it so unique.

Here is the track listing and Jamie t’s single ‘Tinfoil Boy below:

  1. Tinfoil Boy
  2. Drone Strike
  3. Power Over Man
  4. Tescoland
  5. Police Tapes
  6. Dragon Bones
  7. Joan Of Arc
  8. Solomon Eagle
  9. Robin Hood
  10. Sign Of The Times
  11. Crossfire Love
  12. Self Esteem

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