Radiohead release more music on streaming services


31 Years since musical enigma Radiohead formed, they’re still bombarding the industry with bombshell tracks, pushing boundaries and reinstating what makes them one of the most influential bands of recent times.

With new releases on streaming services, ‘Supercollider’ and ‘The Butcher’, The band prove, once again, their exploratory capacity and ability to nail anything they enter the studio with.

The electronic yet primal feel of both ‘Supercollider’ and ‘The Butcher’ mimics the likes of their fourth album; experimental turning point: ‘Kid A’, whilst the depth and pessimistic feel of both tracks is reminiscent of previous work in ‘Pablo Honey’ and revolutionary album: ‘ OK Computer’.

A repetitive synth and drumbeat duo adds an unearthly vibe to the track ‘Supercollider’ while the ghostly vocals of Thom Yorke encompasses Radiohead’s moody signature sound.

The same continuous drumbeat features in second track ‘The Butcher’ but this time with a rawness to it, hinting a return to their early work. A disarray of vocal harmonies, bass and synth create an uneasy vibe combined with haunting, almost indistinguishable vocals, arguably making this the stronger of the two songs on the single.

The development of the band from their work in ‘Pablo Honey’ to ‘OK computer’ to now cannot go unremarked, and the release of ‘Supercollider’ and ‘The Butcher’ only parades this.

Their new music – available on Spotify, Soundcloud, and other streaming services – accentuates how Radiohead are ever evolving, but also emphasises the adoption of the new sound established in their most recent album: ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’.

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