Premiere: Primyl Vinyl – ‘Halftime Entertainment’


Just three “Middle of the Road” lads making “Middle of the Road” Rock. Primyl Vinyl are premiering their new single ‘Halftime Entertainment’ on ICM.

The Liverpool trio (Nahum Matthews – drums, vocals, Stephen Cheatle – guitar, vocals, Matt Bankhurst – guitar, vocals) has paid homage to their local scene in an honest and detailed memoir.

Midday tequila shots and flirtatious exchanges, the lyrics “Love in a far from empty bar, Dirty Dancing taken way too far” explain all that needs to be said.

The band said of the single: “The song was written off of the back of a friend’s midday experience in McCooleys with a heavily inebriated Spanish girl in the Halftime break during a six nations game in 2016! So much excitement in broad daylight in the town centre, who said rock ‘n’ roll was dead?!”

Fresh off of the back of BBC Radio 6 and BBC introducing support and a sold-out shows in South Cumbria and Yorkshire, PV’s follow up single aims to cement them in the North West scene as the band to watch.

‘Halftime Entertainment is “Middle of the Road” music for your dad and your sister to feel indifferent about.

Listen exclusively below and rate ‘Haftime Entertainment’ via the ICM Hub.