PREMIERE: Idolising Nova – ‘Party Through The Night’


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Premiering on ICM today is Idolising Nova, who have just solidified themselves as rising indie pop stars with their latest single ‘Party Through The Night’.

The Peterborough trio return with an undeniable knack for crafting cleverly catchy, anthemic choruses. The new single shows the band’s ability to continually evolve their sound in a refreshingly innovative manner.

While still retaining a firm, yet flexible, grip on the indie guitar scene, the band also unapologetically fuse pop influences into their music in a delightfully cohesive yet unpredictable manner.

‘Party Through The Night’ sees Jack Fulton Smith (bass & lead vocals), Kris Lee (guitar) and Kyle O’Sullivan (drums & backing vocals) encompass the band’s trademark sing-a-long choruses and ingeniously infective lyricism. It manages to retain everything that made their prior releases so adored, while still showcasing a slick, stylish new edge to their music.

Much like the lyrical sentiment of their new single ‘Party Through The Night’, Idolising Nova aim to provide listeners with some much-needed escapism with their anthemic choruses and infectious energy providing some much needed to rest bite from the increasingly bleak reality we all face on a daily basis.

Speaking of ‘Party Through The Night’, Idolising Nova explains: “‘Party Through The Night’ tells the story of how you go through your normal day with all your problems and worries going through your mind, but all you want to be doing is going out partying with your friends and having fun.

“You have your night out partying and then you go your separate ways back to reality, your normal everyday life.”

The trio are currently working on new music, with more single releases on the horizon. Grab your exclusive listen below and rate ‘Party Through The Night’ out of 10 now.

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