Alt Pop musician Philip Brooks soaked in 80s melodies and synths


The magical dream-popper Philip Brooks explores the collapse of one of his relationships on new single ‘I Don’t Know If I Ever Wanna Go Back Home’.

The London-based musician’s music is soaked in fantastic, hazy melodies with the delicately combined 80s synth wave pop and elements of War On Drugs-like indie rock. The 21-year-old effortlessly showcases his insightful bedroom recordings with flair and exquisite technique.

‘I Don’t Know…’ has the multi-instrumentalist creating driving drums which create a floor-the-pedal desire while Brooks’ soaring vocals and hovering synths create associations of a balmy summer breeze.

Philip Brooks discusses the danger of escapism in love relationships as the initial feeling of elation in the romance turns into disillusioning claustrophobia when he sings; “My songs are always about you, about driving away and how I feel so blue”. It shows an authentic self-awareness and vulnerability while tying in with previous songs like previous release ‘Spend Some Time Alone Inside My Head‘. Brooks comes an of age with mental issues and unstable young romances.

Already hitting venues across London such as Victoria Dalston, Philip Brooks is set to release an EP in November.

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