Pete Doherty Eats Food In Latest Scandal

Pete Doherty Eats Food In Latest Scandal

Ah yes. Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. A slice of toast? A cheeky sausage or two? Maybe you voted Green and you enjoy a bit of ‘Avo on Granary’. Whatever might tickle your fancy – forget about it. Unless your Pete Doherty in a Margate cafe eating a “Mega Breakfast”, it ain’t news worthy.

The UK has been taken by absolute storm after the Legendary front man of the Libs tucked into a challenge breakfast meal at the Dalby Cafe in Margate. 

Pete – who clearly enjoys eating food – was pictured smashing a “mega breakfast” at the cafe after owner, Mark Ezekiel uploaded the picture to Facebook.

The breakfast – which was fried – included four bacon rashers, four eggs, four sausages, a burger and chips, plus plenty of trimmings was allegedly dominated by Pete in

The apparent news worthy story was later picked up by media giants The LADBible, the BBC and even NME, claiming that the singer/songwriter:

Resident ICM writer and Photographer Toby Henley added:

“I’m pretty sure Pete is some sort of immortal trickster god who only appears to cause some sort of scene then disappear again”

I honestly have no idea why this has gone viral. Nor do I give a flying arse why the Likely Lad thought it’d be a great idea to do something so public. Maybe it’s ‘Time For Heroes” once more. I miss ‘The Good Old Days’. I guess that’s what ‘Fame and Fortune’ does to you. “What a Waster”.