Party Nails is creating vibrancy with her songwriting craft


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Party Nails is the work of Los Angeles-based musician Elana Belle Carroll, a prolific songwriter, producer, singer and guitarist hailing from Chatham, New York.

Party Nails is now ready to release her highly anticipated debut album entitled Past Lives and Paychecks, a selection of heartfelt pop songs, front and centre vocals and playful production with an avant-garde twist.

‘My 404’ is an eccentric track that’s co-produced by indie rock darlings Coast Modern with Carroll’s exquisite vocal writing and delivery.

Originally conceived to be a part of a Coast Modern mixtape, the song’s creative vibrancy, glittering melodies and soaring synths landed it a place. The single is a lo-fi masterpiece highlighting the musician’s stunning craft for songwriting.

Drawing inspiration in the showmanship, artistry and vulnerability of artists such as Dolly Parton, Sheryl Crow and SZA, Carroll reveals, “On this album, I really tried to achieve a blend of SZA and Robyn, with bittersweet writing, some dance vibes, some sad vibes and a very real and raw anti-diva singing them.

“I wanted to create an album of memorable songs that landed all across the spectrum of alternative pop. I wanted it to feel fresh, but not too trendy”.

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