Nicotine Dolls ‘Fake’ – DISCOVER


My stomping ground is London, I occasionally venture further afield, Stoke is surprisingly buzzing. Birmingham is the obvious choice, but there was one time where I was left stranded after a Foals gig due to the trains stopping at 10pm, it’s left me bitter ever since.

Nicotine Dolls Fake

Nicotine Dolls are from New York, and I’ve never been to New York, but apparently it’s a bit busier than London. So it can’t be easy to launch a new band there, but Nicotine Dolls are trying anyway, and they’re off to a good start.

Their debut single ‘Fake’ is an amazing start, the vocals come straight in, blowing you away, they just feel so right for the song. The rest of melody changes about three times, it feels like four different songs in one. It’s a little weird and unnerving, but it all comes together at the end with power.

Have a listen to the rollercoaster that is ‘Fake’ here,