New Music Alert: Oscar – Breaking My Phone

New Music Alert: Oscar – Breaking My Phone

London boy Oscar is a solo Indie-Popper that offers gorgeous vocals and a wicked beat to match. The 22 year old lone-wolf has seen resounding success being signed by cult indie label Wichita and finding a great following across the pond!

Oscar pinicalises what the new generation of indie is all about. It’s colourful, technical and a lot of fun to listen to/be a part of. Oscar joins the great list of London artists that have all incorporated pre-made samples into their music, assisting them vocally and instrumentally. Bands like Lisbon, Frett and Pony & Trap have all broke the mould and revolutionised this decade’s indie music and it’s going to be very special watching it develop.

Oscar’s beautiful deep singing reminds me of the pre-chorus from The Human League’s song ‘(Keep Feeling) Fascination’ – Seriously, have a listen, you’ll know exactly what I mean! All in all, his music talents know no bounds when it comes to creating new sounds for his ever so diverse mixture of tracks from his EP ‘Beautiful Words’.

The lone wolf’s most recent track ‘Breaking My Phone’ was released on October 1st of this month and can be enjoyed on through ICM’s Ultimate Indie and Alternative Playlist on both Spotify and SoundCloud.

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