Miles Kane live at the Pyramid Centre

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Velvety smooth guitar riffs, outlandish dance moves and irresistibly arrogant vocals, Miles Kane ticks every box there is, including being one of the most incredible artists to see live.

He strutted onto the stage like a teenager still playing in front of the mirror in his bedroom, the sheer confidence Kane oozed was mesmerising. He held the stage like he owned the place, dictatorial over an absolutely adoring crowd. The eclectic mix of fans, from the middle aged music snobs stood at the back with their pints, to the indie kids decked in fishnets and floral shirts, was testimony to the quality of Kane’s individual style  – intelligently written and impossible not to like.

Setting the night off to an explosive start he burst into the hot-headed riff of ‘Inhaler’ – my all time favourite Miles Kane track, volatile and collected all at once, the twang of the off-notes running through the verse bringing the track to a whole new level. His energy onstage was absolutely electrifying, smashing into each song with relentless intensity.

With the crowd wrapped around his little finger he dragged out his instrumentals and started chants, crafting an incredible atmosphere that only fuelled his transfixing performance. Tracks from his upcoming album ‘Coup De Grace’ were particularly well performed, and Kane’s passion and sheer musical mastery really showed. ‘Cry On My Guitar’ gave me slight T-rex vibes, nodding to the furthering development and ever changing sound of his music that Kane is so respected for.

He ended his set with the iconic track ‘Come Closer’, the steady drumming and teasing guitar riffs leading up to the verse making for a climatic chorus and finale. Beckoning the crowd in closer to the barrier as he played out the final few explosive seconds, his gritty vocals resonated through the venue, finishing the night on a high.

Listen to Miles’ latest release ‘Cry On My Guitar’ now!


  • Great stage presence
  • Smooth guitar riffs


  • Arrogant vocals


Velvety smooth guitar riffs, outlandish dance moves and irresistibly arrogant vocals, Miles Kane ticks every box there is, including being one of the most...

ICM Rating