Micky James reminisces on 70s icons


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Flamboyant fashions and the glamour and swagger of past rock icons, Micky James creates gritty glam rock’n’roll with pop sensibilities.

Born and raised in the shadow of New York City, naturally, Micky had a taste for the theatrical and aspired to become an artist and performer from a young age. In his music and personal style, he explores a sound and aesthetic that is nostalgic of a bygone era in rock n roll music, while still maintaining a contemporary pop ambition on his two new singles ‘New Heart’ and ‘Tie Me Up’.

Taking on influence from Brit rock legends, David Bowie, The Clash and The Rolling Stones, Micky’s unique vocals in ‘New Heart’ are reminiscent of their great character, whilst alluding to the dark, mysterious, and romantic qualities that are so distinct to those artists.

The authentic energy of 60s and 70s iconic rock bands, Micky is successful in crafting a modern and fresh approach to a timeless genre saying: “I wanted to take pieces of nostalgia and give it a contemporary twist.”

Successfully taking his vision and turning it into a reality, Mickys’ music has been resonating with listeners.

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